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Hey guys, I compiled a release template for android to include the AdMob module.
I had some small problems with not having paths set correctly, but overall the process went smoothly. So I created a debug template and a release template. The debug template works fine is about 14 M. The release template is very small 1.5M, and when used for export crashes the game on start on android. The errors in the logcat are vague, not clear what went wrong, still there is still some digging to be done, but right now I don’t have a clear picture of what went wrong. Did anyone else have the same problem ? I suspect some mixing of 64 vs 32 bit programs, but since there are no errors and compilation works fine, it should not matter for an android file, should it ?
Thanks !

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There is a issue for it on github ( https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/5645 )
In my case, I solved it as cleaning platform/android/java/libs folder before making a new template.

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