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I experienced one out of an ocean of blue screens recently when working on my project in Godot. I absolutely dislike this computer and would love to get a replacement, but that is another topic.

Apparently, during this crash, some form of corruption occurred, as the engine hangs up/freezes every single time I try to open this particular project. Godot opens up to the interface shown when creating a new project, then freezes the second after, ending up non-responsive, and having to be forcefully shutdown using task manager. Not a single error message is shown in the debug window.

What I find weird is that the game is still playable from the godot project manager, with all functionality working, leading me to believe nothing is wrong with the project files.

So far I've tried:
- Clearing any caches.
- Setting the project version in project.godot to 3 instead of 4
- Redownloaded the Godot engine.

Any ideas on what could be causing this problem, and sequentially solving it?

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If you were editing a resource at the time it may have corrupted it. Try making a new project and one by one import the folders and resources to find the culprit file.

Thanks for the recommendation, tried this and it worked. Weirdly enough, creating this new project with literally all resources copied over from the old one loads, but the old 'corrupted' project with exactly the same files doesn't load.

Anyways, thanks! :)

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