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Hi All, new member here.
I'm trying to add a rpmmeter.tscn scene to a car scene.tscn
The car scene has a body with a script attached for the physics, and i am dragging in also the rpm
meter scene with a script.
In the rpm_meter script i want to call the rpm value to animate a 2d polygon.
I haven't succeded with direct call nor with a function like so:

rpm variable declared like so in car scene:
export var rpm = 0 setget, rpm_get
Function in car scene script:
func rpm_get():
return rpm

Function call in rpmmeter scene:

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You're doing several things wrong here. You don't need a setget, and even if you did, you're not using it since you're trying to call the function instead of accessing the variable (which is what setget is for: calling a function when a variable is accessed).

It's hard to tell exactly what is happening because of your formatting issues in your post (_ character is for italics in text), but I think I see. You have an instance of a car scene that has another scene as a child, like so:

  |-- RPM_meter

When you use get_node(), you use node names not filenames. car.tscn is a filename - it's where the scene is saved but has nothing to do with the node running in the live game. Since the car is the parent, you can use get_parent():


Keep in mind, this will not work if it's in the child's _ready() function, because child nodes become ready before parents.

Accessing nodes is frequently misunderstood by beginners. The following might help you avoid some of the common errors:


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Thanks a lot. Wasn't aware of the kidscancode resource. Will use it a lot. Will try to fix the problem right now (my lack of knowledge problem).

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