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I'm trying to solve an issue I'm dealing with for my small companion application. I'm using an ItemList to store a dictionary, but I want to compose an icon from the dictionary that contains 4 images.
I had started to try building a custom solution from scratch that would almost verbatim reconstruct the ItemList type simply to add texture slots, but this feels like an excessive amount of work for a simple issue.

I'm trying to find out instead how to build a custom texture resource that I could simply feed into the icon data. All I need is to be able to create 1 texture from 4 textures being drawn side by side and scaling that image down to fit. I can probably deal with making an array of atlas images being placed in the resource, but I'd like to handle as much as I can to make the property path sensible.

Is this something that is possible to do or should I be looking into some other method here? Will the fact that I'll be reusing this per item in the ItemList cause a problem or will local to scene save me from the resource being shared?

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