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Generally, want to know when the Gdscript enter on the engine, and where ends the c++ written code.

I mean that Godo is written in both programing languages, i know that the engine is basically written on c++.

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As far as I know, the engine itself is entirely written in C++. The physics engine is part of it, so yes, it is in C++ too.

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¿Just c++? ¿is nothing more? ¿is not nothing of GDscript?

thanks fot fast answer.

The engine is completely made with C++, but you can use GDScript if you want.

¿It means that the GDscript uses the c++ codes and nothing is written on GDcript, just the behaviors written by the user when is making a new game on the Integrated console?

Yes, GDScript uses C++. Also, if someday you decide to write C++ in Godot, this will become available to GDScript as well, thanks to the binding system of the engine.

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