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I need to get events received by a Control, but _input is too low level for my needs, because I have to detect if the mouse is in bounds everytime and perform conversions between screen space and canvas space...

There is a signal input_event on the Control node, but I don't understand when it is sent. After testing, I still wonder why it is triggered or not.

For example, I listen to the MOUSE_MOTION event, but I receive it only for a sub-region of the Control.

If I listen to MOUSE_BUTTON and use the mouse wheel, I receive it for the whole region.

Any idea what is going on?

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After some guessing around why my touch events didn't show in the inputevent() I think that I found it out.

_input_event is sent to Controls when the event is relevant for them (i.e. mouse position is over it). The event contains control-relative coords. So it is kind of locally to the control.
BUT: It doesn't seem to receive SCREENTOUCH + SCREENDRAG events.

_input events can also be received by controls but their kind is global. So they have viewport coordinates and if a control decides to receive _input() it also receives events prob. indended for other controls. It has to decide itself what is relevant and what not.

More (and maybe more correct) info is here:

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A lot of time passed, now I learned more about events^^
Thank you for your answer :)

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