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I've been reading through the API and seen something talking about this, but I wasn't sure if it meant literally or "in this example of the API".

Should you have a "Main" Node to store everything under? is that per scene of the game?
What are best practices for putting your game scenes together?

Example of what I mean:
Edit: if image isn't working... here: https://ibb.co/hsyqKQB

I've just been loading my game, and using whatever "Map scene" I'm in. So title screen changes to "village scene".. when you go into a house it closes village scene and loads House scene. So my active scene is the only scene under root (other than autoloads ofcourse. So again is it good practice to always have a Main node as the scene root and load my active scenes as children to it rather than root. My guess is, it depends on the game. Whats the benefits of doing this.. if any?

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Yes im also using same practice , its more logical as player is inside village or house

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