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Today I discovered Godot actually sets up runtime nodes. You can see what I mean below:

godot debug remote nodes

When I run the game with debugging options, I can see these nodes under "Remote" tab in scene dock. So, that got me wondering... When I GetNode, do I actually access these runtime nodes?

To give an example, consider these three seperate scenes:

> foo: Node2D

> bar: Node2D

> container: Node2D
>> foo: Node2D (injecting Foo)
>> bar: Node2D (injecting Bar)

In this case, Container scene is parent and importing/injecting foo and bar. So, in Foo.cs, can I access the injector, which is container node, as below:

// Foo.cs
Node2D container = (Node2D)GetNode("/root/container");

Or will this fail?


  • Godot Mono 3.2
  • Mono JIT Compiler 6.4.0
  • Manjaro 19.0.2
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This seems to be the case, which means GetNode actually gets runtime nodes. That's actually good since I plan to keep the tree consistent during the gameplay so that I can access several things such as faders and loaders.

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