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Hi all,

Having a nightmare trying to get the audio working in Godot. For some reason whatever sound I import (wav or ogg) it sounds distorted with contstant popping. I have played around with all the settigs/imports mixrates etc and no joy. It happens both in the editor and once the project is loaded. Is there something obvious I am missing? I loaded up unity/unreal to check and have no problems in there with sound.

Here is a link to an example. This is just a random sound I used to check but ive tried on around 10 more sound files from different locations. It obvisouly sounds lower pitch on this one after importing but cant work out why.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

asked Apr 13 in Engine by Rubakai (12 points)

Anyone have any ideas on this? Still having these issues and its a real pain.

FYI the 41100 sampling is after me playing around with the numbers. Have the same issue at the intial value.

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I had an identical sounding issue. I was able to fix it by setting my device sample rate to 16 bit 44100 hz. Do this in the sound control panel under your audio devices properties in windows. It however hasn't fixed the cracking I get while moving my camera relative to spatial audio.

answered May 12 by BlockyDK (14 points)
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