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Hi, I feel a little clumsy to ask this, but I try for hours to solve the problem and I can't.
I have a Sprite node with lots of sprite inside (the body parts) for make an Idle animation. And I have Another Sprite node with others parts for the run animation.
Now, I have made the two animations and put them on an animation tree to make a state machine. When I press to play the scene It´s all ok ,the states work, except from that it show the two animations at same time, if I delete one of the sprites node the animation delete too. So i don´t know how to show only one animation, in the 2d scene I don´t find a propertie to put only one sprite or to hide one.
Before this don´t happen to me because I use to work with animate sprite node, but now I have body parts and some parts in diferents animations are different.

I don´t now if I explained myself well, in the 2d scene of the player I have the two nodes with the sprites

sorry for my english

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