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See image.

At the beginning of the game I want the white and red circle to accelerate upwards to a set speed and then maintain that speed for the rest of the game. How can I achieve this?

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Try setting a variable like game_running to an initial value of False, and change it to True in the _ready() function.

Then, in the _physics_process(delta) function, have an IF statement that will check for 'game_running' to be True. if game_running == true:

Then, we can accelerate. We'll need a Vector2 with a negative Y value.
We can use the clamp() method to keep the speed within a specific range.

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You can do this

var max_speed = 100
var speed = 0
var acceleration = 10 

#any direction you want ,currently pointing upward
var dir = Vector2(0,-1)

func _process(delta):
    speed = min(max_speed, speed + acceleration * delta)
    position += dir * speed * delta
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