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I have made a gdnative plugin for my bot but its preformance is not show in the profiler.
The profiler is not including gdnative plugins.

asked Apr 7 in Engine by supper_raptor (667 points)

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The profiler shows GDScript functions automatically because that's what the GDScript module does.

In C++ NativeScripts (assuming that's what you use), this kind of thing is not automatic, and I believe Godot doesn't do that automatically on registered functions either.

You can, however, use the GodotProfiling helper: https://github.com/GodotNativeTools/godot-cpp/blob/master/include/core/GodotProfiling.hpp
And place GODOT_PROFILING_FUNCTION at the beginning of your function.

(which can be improved https://github.com/GodotNativeTools/godot-cpp/issues/378 )

answered Apr 7 by Zylann (26,129 points)
selected Apr 7 by supper_raptor
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