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Hello everyone,

I would like to start creating a 2d game targeting mobile platforms (iOS, Android). All I guess I'll need is:

  • basic game engine functionalities and ease-of-use (Godot is a perfect match here)
  • in-app-purchase (Godot has them built-in as I know)
  • firebase integration (ability to use firebase notifications, database and storage, auth)
  • AdMob integration for ads

For the first two points, everything is ok right out of the box. For the last two items, it's bit more complicated.

I know there are plenty of plugins/modules etc. which resolve (sort of) all (at least some) of the needed things here, but what I would like to ask is:

Which is the "correct / better" way to go?

Explaining it a little bit better I would like to better understand:

  • if there's an "official" way to go or advised way to do things when there requirements are needed
  • if there are any advices you can give me or any source of projects which have already done these kind of things so that I can learn from them
  • if there's a better way to do this than another one (for example, starting with Godot 3.2 I should use the new android plugin feature (without recompiling) instead of building an ad-hoc module for the android platform (maybe?, also from a future-proof point of view).
  • what are the opportunities when we come down to "so, there's nothing plug&play out there for your needs, you have to build it" (which is okay, I can develop them for my use case, maybe also share them, but I would like to be advised to where to start and which possibilities I have with the engine, for example pluginslike editor ones, gdnative ones, android specific ones, other sort of modules which I don't know yet, etc)

I have programming experience, so that should not be a problem. I know there are firebase/admob SDKs which others have also started porting to "plugins" in order to use some of those functionalities.

Speaking of what already exists, I can see none of them offer a "complete" solution to the problem and often they appear to be a little bit old or just android-specific.

Thanks for your time,

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