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Is there a way to test if a resource exists before calling load()? For a practical use case, consider a load_face() function:

func load_face(name: String)
  ears_resource = load("res://%s/ears.png" % name)
  nose_resource = load("res://%s/nose.png" % name)
  eyes_resource = load("res://%s/eyes.png" % name)
  mouth_resource = load("res://%s/mouth.png" % name)
  beard_resource = load("res://%s/beard.png" % name)
  moustache_resource = load("res://%s/moustache.png"  % name)

Calling load_face("debbie") loads Debbie's features from the corresponding folder, and her beard and moustache resources are null which all makes sense. But -- this results in numerous Resource file not found errors being logged because you asked Godot to load a non-existent beard and moustache resource.

Is there some way to maintain this design without printing out errors?

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I think you want the ResourceLoader.exists() method.

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Thanks, that's exactly what I need!

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