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Hi Everyone,

I'm an Indie Game Dev and Blender 3d Artist and I am considering giving Godot a good try on my next project but I have a few questions that I need advice on before I proceed:

(1) Does anyone know of any good 3d Tutorials that I could try to create something simple? I've never used GoDot before and am struggling to find something to start on.

(2) Is the current state of Visual Scripting decent enough? This was one of the reasons I kept putting off trying this but some things are frustrating me so I am considering giving GoDot a try more and more. Basically, I always feel that I struggle to grasp full programming (took me forever just to learn html/css stuff) so that's why I went with UE4 for Blueprints because programming was making me wanna tear my hair out more when I was on Unity before that and its just better for my workflow as I'm more of a Blender 3d Artist than I am anything else. However, I read this has an option to use Python which might benefit me if I ever wanted to build a Blender Plugin at some point so if I did go that route are there any recommendations for some simple stuff to start on to try?

(3) How difficult is making a Mobile Game for Android? I'm very frustrated with the UE4 Process for this, it's just a huge mess and I am curious if it is any easier here perhaps with stuff for touch controls as well maybe?

(4) I prefer making 3d Games which it seems like this is possible here? Are there any good simple 3d Game Tutorials somewhere I could take a look at or buy? Any suggestions?

Any advice is greatly appreciated so I can get started with trying this out. Thanks in advance! Also just a heads up, I am a visual learner so videos and screenshots help me the most.

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Hi there!
From my own experience...
ad 1) I would start with 2d first, just to get the grasp on Godot itself. Then you could start with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeCrE-ge8xM&list=PLda3VoSoc_TSBBOBYwcmlamF1UrjVtccZ

ad 2. It is, but writing in GDScript is very simple as well if not simpler, at least for me and I am an artist too. I am not a programmer. You should not think about building plug-ins if you are just starting

ad 3. I think it is simpler than what competition offers. I had my first, simple android app in the Google Play Store in less than three weeks - from my first line of code and zero knowledge about Godot and really not that much about overall programming itself.

ad 4. Very possible. I would search on Youtube and check new but also some old tutorials there. Tons of valuable stuff.

ad 5. Just get comfortable using official documentation, this Q&A, irc channel (very helpful community there), forum and Youtube and you will get started.

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Alight, thank you very much. I will try that out. :)

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