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How can I make a room list for servers that are open
I wanna make a game like Among us
Everyone can make a server and its appear on another players
But there are no Tutorials for that
How can i do it?

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That would require you to host a server that would show the list of servers. Or you can take a direct approach which would lag more and more for every person who joined.

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Have you read through this section of the documentation? It teaches you how to create server- and client-peers and also includes a simple lobby system.

Everyone can make a server and its appear on another players

That will only work if players are connected. Either directly client-to-client (which you rarely find anymore in computer games these days) or indirectly through a central server, which depending on your requirements can cost a lot of money to host.

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please visit this site , its the best multiplayer tutorial for godot. It covers both basic and advanced topics.

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