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Is there anything about visual script that is superior to coding?
I have written programs for many years (nothing fantastic mind you) with various languages, and was attracted to Godot because of GDscript being python based.
Is there any reason to drop that and move to visual scripting, or is visual scripting aimed more at people with no experience writing code?

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I would think that Visual Scripting is easier, because it's mostly putting nodes together. That helps with putting small scripts together, or prototyping. But if parts of your game require higher quality (finer mechanics, improved looks, or finely-tuned gameplay), then it is necessary to write out the code.

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Is there anything about visual script that is superior to coding?

No. If you are familiar with Python (or coding in general), stick with GDscript!

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VScript is emulated code throw visual representation. For me who already code looks confusing. But is a great way to learn coding because is not like a behavior drag & drop ( like some game makers or a simplified way like Construct ) you actually "drag & drop" functions, conditionals, create variables, etc.
Even if you did know Python I recommend GDScript. I've never used Python before and started to use Godot and everything just flows so easily!
My recommendation to you is: stay with script.

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Thank you. I was thinking that is how the visual side worked. It seems it would be a potential loss of time for me to learn it in that case. I am much more comfortable with coding.

Yes GUI with coding is a great way to learn and understand the logic's.

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Visual script is worse and desiegned for begginners who may not know how to read.

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Actually visual scripting involves way more reading.
I can't speak for Godot's visual script but I can for Unreal's blueprint, it's constantly using set and get for variables and methods, properties can't be accessed directly and it constantly carries a value around for e.g. if statements are achieved by a condition node that returns a bool which is then used as an argument in a branch node to execute a true or false pin.

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Made a tutorial, how to make 3D game in visual script, it's quite cool . . But, it doesn't scale well, ie. as games get massive, it becomes difficult to use, won't be a problem for many first games . .


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