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I have a strange problem with Godot's audio. On (a) certain device(s) audio playback crackles like an old radio, (or like when you play a scratched vinyl record).

I tried everything, changed bus settings, applied effects, changed volume, changed AuioStremPlayer settings, different import settings, in all possible combinations, tried different wav files, and ogg files nothing helps.

This can reliably reproduced on a Nokia 7.1 with the latest Android, with Godot 3.1 and 3.2 as well, but cannot reproduce on e.g. Samsung phones where the audio sounds much different by default, anyway.

As a last effort i created a project that literally does nothing else, but play a wav file, it still crackles.

If I play the same audio files on the same phone with any other app, the audio plays perfectly, so the problem is within Godot, somewhere.

Reason I'm not posting code:

There is no code, literally just one AudioSatreamplayer with autoplay enabled, and a wav file loaded, and it still happens.

Reason I'm not posting sample project:

See above.

one addition: When I tried to play some audio before in a project through AnimationPlayer, changing the process mode to "physics process" helped somewhat. Can it be a CPU issue?

I realise this problem is hard to track I'm more interested in whether anyone came across something similar. Thanks.

asked Mar 29 in Engine by attila (12 points)

Could it be related to this GitHub issue?

Yes it looks very much like it, thanks, did not find that myself.. in fact the solution in the comment should make sense too, since the crackles happen at a high volume. Will wait and see.

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