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Okay I'll try and illustrate with a lot of pictures and examples what I am trying to do. First off, I am trying to create a "spell menu" in an turn based rpg game. The menu would have custom background and custom buttons. I have 2 questions, since I couldn't find much on this topic. How can I create custom "buttons" and how can I create a screen like this https://bit.ly/3apHiuz . The buttons would have to be custom-ish and have an icon as well as text. This is the mockup of my spell screen https://imgur.com/a/t4lbM09 (plus if possible scrollable). Also I'd like the screen to be positioned at a custom location rather than anchored to any space. I don't mind reading the docs and exploring, I haven't had luck in getting started with this. If anyone could do a rough mockup of nodes they'd use and how they would approach this, i'd appreciate it very much. I will investigate further I just need some guidance to get started.

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