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The engine doesn't open the scripts. The game plays as it should but when I press to open the scripts I go to the script window and there is no script. I can't even create new ones. I have checked that the path it correct and everything but nothing happens! I have downloaded a new instance of the engine and still. What is happening?

The version of the engine is 2.0.4.

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Try: opening the game in another version ( or 2.1-rc1), deleting the .godot folder in your appdata (windows), or home folder (linux), or pressing ctrl+alt+o in the script tab to see if you can open a script from the window that pops up.

Probably best to try these in reverse order...

I didn't open it in another version I just deleted the .godot folder and it worked! I don't know why I didn't think of this before. Thank you! Write it as an answer so to help future readers. :)

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Delete the ".godot" folder, which can be found in appdata (windows) or the home folder (linux). Chances are something broke when updating to a newer version. This will clear your editor settings and export templates. Then when you run the engine again, they'll reset and you'll need to reinstall the export templates.

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