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I am working in a project that needs to use Call Function Tracks in AnimationPlayer.
I started by adding a new track type using the "+" button and select Call Func Track on it. Then added a pair of keyframes and filled up the values with the time, function call name, number of arguments and its types.

So far it worked fine. Weirdly the track's name was simply ".", so I decided to change the track's name to something more readable... And then the problem comes in.

If I replace the "." by any normal string the animation doesn't work.
If I keep the "." and concatenate a normal string the animation doesn't work.
But, if I keep the "." and concatenate any string starting with ":" it works.

Can someone explain the reason for that?

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That's quite easy:
It's not really a name but a node path so godot knows where to find the function to call.
The path is relativ to the root node defined in the AnimationPlayer node.

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