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Hello, I'm making everything in my game by code. So far I've used the Sprite node to great success with animation. I have a spritesheet png and just set the frame property on the Sprite node whenever I want to change to whatever frame in animation I need it to be.

But now I'm working on the map. I can literally use the frame property in Sprite node again to choose which tile piece I want to use in a tileset png. It doesn't work any different to me than it would be for a spritesheet, except now its about choosing the right tile rather than the right animation picture. But the concept remains the same. The Sprite node holds the tileset as its texture and I set the frame property to the desired tile for that spot in the map.

Is it ok to continue using the Sprite node to create all my map elements in the game? Or is it highly unoptimized compared to the TileMap node?

asked Mar 21 in Engine by learis (44 points)

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