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I have a Godot project that is playable with the standard keyboard.

I wanted to test the project with a gamepad and I thought my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (the only one I have) would work out of the box with Godot.

I connected the gamepad to the laptop with my USB cable and went to the input map section and tried to update the mapping but it didn't work. The all devices option also did not work.

Does any body have experience in making the Nintendo Switch Controller work with Godot (linux version).

Or, can anyone recommend a controller that works well with Godot and Linux?

Thank you,

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I think, if the controller works with Linux, it should also work with Godot running on Linux.
Maybe it's a code problem?
Maybe check these videos:
and this older one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7r7ZPmspDew

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