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With the following code I'm having the file truncated, not appended.

    if ficheiro.open(nome_ficheiro, File.READ_WRITE) == OK:

Is this supposed to erase the contents of the file?
I had the idea that, for truncating, there is WRITE_READ. Is this a bug?

Also, is there a way to create a file if it does not exist and ONLY append if it exists?
(I mean another way besides reading the file and writing it back all together)

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I think the string has to be in quotations

But this code writes the string successfully.
The point is that it does not append a new line to the file as it should but instead deletes the string it was saved there before and writes the new one. So, instead of getting a file with a content like this:

I get:

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You can use the method .seek_end() to move to the end of file. If you don't position inside the file it will (probably) overwrite the file from the beginning.

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You're right.
I've ended up with:

    if ficheiro.file_exists(nome_ficheiro):
        stat = ficheiro.open(nome_ficheiro, File.READ_WRITE)
        stat = ficheiro.open(nome_ficheiro, File.WRITE)

    if stat == OK:

This does it.

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