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Hi guys, check the curated directory below with several resources, tutorials, scripts, demos and games related with the awesome Godot Engine:


Suggest links missing on the list ;)

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You forget my ludum dare 33 game "no hope" https://github.com/sergicollado/no_hope_LD33 ,
It's in Calinou/awesome-godot too,
and you could add also another ludum dare 34 game that I did "Sometimes cubs grow" https://github.com/sergicollado/ld34_growing

This games need a refactor because were made in 48h but maybe could be useful for godot community.

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Sorry, I added the two games now ;) You can suggest links directly in the directory (in the bottom of each block). Thanks!
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Perhaps it should be added the old forum ...


so long as it will be available

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Nice, added it also!

I wouldn't encourage using the old forum, it's there only for those that really can't live without it (and because it contains a lot of useful info that we need to export somehow).

Linking the forum gives an expectation that it's a supported platform, which it is no longer.

OK, old forum link removed!

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