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Is there a way to make AudioStreamPlayer3D less spatial? For example, when I turn my right toward the source, I don't hear anything from left. I still want to hear from my left though a bit quieter. I'm asking this for ambient sound if anyone is wondering.

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I have found the following code in audio_stream_player_3d.cpp:

_calc_output_vol(local_pos.normalized(), 4.0, output);

Information about the second parameter is given:

The lower the second parameter (tightness) the more the sound will "enclose" the listener (more undirected / playing from speakers not facing the source) - this could be made distance dependent.

Added a new property for the second parameter. When the value is zero, the sound has no directivity. This should be a function of the distance but works well for now. Hope this will get implemented soon.

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