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If I ever decide to make additional content for my game, how should I make it load the additional pck file that will contain the new scenes, maps, scripts, assets, etc? In addition to the main pck of course.

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Hi, I had the same question as yours. Except I didn’t think of using .pck files for that purpose. You can see question I posted, it has some useful replies.
Then I though of creating a launcher for the game. It will install the binaries from the server with corresponding version and for needed platform. That way you could have DLCs, different version, etc.

EDIT: Just found something in Godot docs

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I’ve finally figured it out. This docs page describes exactly what you need. By using this code, you can import .pck file into the project.


Now you can use the assets as if you had them in the project from the start

var imported_scene = load("res://mod_scene.tscn")
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