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The docs say that I can just type [shake rate=5 level=10]SHAKE[/shake], but that doesn't work. When I do that, it just displays the entire text instead of just SHAKE with a shake effect. Yes, I have BBCode text enabled and I'm typing this in the BBCode box, not the normal text box.

asked Mar 15 in Engine by exuin (508 points)

It works as expected for me (3.2). I just pasted your posted string into Text field of the Bb Code panel of a RichTextLabel node.

Maybe post an image of your inspector and the results in the RichTextLabel?

You don't also have the mentioned text string entered into the normal Text field of the RichTextLabel do you? In that case, you will see the literal string (as you reported) as a value there takes precedence over a value in the Bb Code text box...

My inspector: inspectorThe results: results

Hmmm... Yeah, agreed, the inspector looks as expected. I'm not sure what the issue is here...

Does this happen only in this project or also in a new, (mostly) empty project?

What version of Godot are you using? I'm testing with 3.2 stable on Win 10.

I was running 3.1.2, whoops. Anyway it works after I updated to 3.2.

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