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Can one import a PDF file into a Godot app while it is running?
I need to import a PDF file, where every page of the PDF file can be handled in Godot app as a separate .PNG or .JPG


Can one export (to the user:// directory) a PDF file from a Godot app?
I need to create a PDF file out of several different .PNG or .JPG files and then export the finished PDF with my Godot app.

I ran a brief search already, nothing really came up...
I am guessing this is something that a custom-made plugin for Godot might do.
I don't know any C++

Does anyone has any insight into import/export of PDF files within a Godot app?

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Godot doesn't provide built-in support for importing or exporting PDFs. You will have to create a C++ module or call an external command that can convert from/to PDF to do this.

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I'm not sure if this is any help (or if the module still works), but back 2016, some coded a C++ module to add PDF exporting ability to Godot. It's available here.

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