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Made a simple scene to test RigidBody2D physics. Dropping a "ball in a sink" kind of setup.

Node2D (root)
-StaticBody2D (The Sink)
-RigidBody2D (The Ball)

The RigidBody2D has a physics material with a bounce value of .6 and I drew a random shape for the StaticBody2D's CollisionPolygon2D so the "ball" would have something to land on.

When the RigidBody2D bounces it eventually settles down into a point, but then it sits there and jitters (very rapid, minor movements. Shaking, shivering). It never enters the sleeping state or comes to a fully resting position. What am I missing?

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Your description seems to be the same as this (apparent?) bug:


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I believe you are correct. Better still, it looks like the bug was confirmed recently. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon. Thank you!

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