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I am trying to load a program with only an empty node2d and export it as an apk. But whenever I want to open the app on my phone, the app crashes.

Android Studio describes that Libaries (* .so) in the APK are missing debug symbols.
Upon closer inspection:
lic ++ shared
are missing these debug symbols.

Android studio also says that the installing failed message is: INSTALLFAILEDNOMATCHINGABIS: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-113

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While the debug symbols might help you track down the problem, the fact that they're missing shouldn't be the cause of the crash. I'd assume that's caused by something else.

Are you using the Android custom build system introduced in Godot 3.2, or are you exporting an APK from Godot the "oldschool" way?

I fixed it after alot of researching.

If possible, describe the solution here as the "Answer". That'll be helpful for the community if someone else has the same issue in the future.

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Since you found the solution, please share it with us. Me and others are facing the same problem.

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