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New here. Does Godot Engine import multitextured 3d meshes?

While I wanted to export the project in windows, I did not get any options to export for 32bit platforms only 64bit. However I am working on 32bit platform. I have not downloaded the templates yet.

Thank you.

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Yes Godot can import models with multiple materials and textures.

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Yes, but I'm not sure if the obj format allows it. I do know that collada (dae) allows up to two uv layouts, and you can use blender to set materials to different faces. The mesh resource uses the separate material slots (unsure about max slots) for the different faces, but the MeshInstance node only allows one in the material override so it has to be empty to take advantage of this.

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Do you mean for each material I have to separate the faces? Single material for single mesh? If I joined them before export than Godot will import only one material?

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