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I have some problems with my game because of position of something like background and spawn enemies.

I make a code to always show background on full screen to don't show that gray mark.

On macbook i get this:

And on tablet i get this:

And i think the same problem happen on game, because on macbook if i don't resize if place correctly, but if i resize it place it wrong.

On macbook i get this:

And on tablet i get this:

I think that all problems are related to wrong calc. My function to calc background position:

extends Node2D

func _ready():
    var viewportWidth = get_viewport().size.x
    var viewportHeight = get_viewport().size.y

    var scale = viewportWidth / $Background.texture.get_size().y

    $Background.set_position(Vector2(viewportWidth/2, viewportHeight/2))
    $Background.set_scale(Vector2(scale, scale))

    print("[MainMenu] Viewport size: ", viewportWidth, "/", viewportHeight)

func _on_ButtonStart_pressed():

AND now my code in game to position my enemy spawn:

func spawn():
    var spawn = enemy1.instance()
    var vp_size = get_viewport().size
    var spawn_size = spawn.get_node("Sprite").frames.get_frame("normal", 0).get_size()
    var pos_x = (spawn_size.y / 2) + vp_size.x
    var pos_y = rand_range((spawn_size.y / 2), (vp_size.y - (spawn_size.y / 2)))
    spawn.position = Vector2(pos_x, pos_y)

    print("[Game] Spawn at: ", pos_x, "/", pos_y)

Can anyone help me understand it?

Im using latest version of godot.

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I have published my game with this problem. If anyone can help me will be nice.

Download here for iOS and Android:


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I would try using the 2d stretch mode and expand stretch aspect as explained in the Multiple resolutions documentation. Once these options are selected, you don't have to do anything specific to support multiple resolutions anymore.

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Thanks, but i already use it. I tried fixed height and now expand.

See the screenshot on iphone, ipad and android:

Obs: The black part is the notch for camera, so ignore it.

And now on macos:

The strange is that players and items are correctly positioned.

My code of background position:

extends Node2D

func _ready():
    var viewportWidth = get_node("/root/World").get_viewport_rect().size.x
    var viewportHeight = get_node("/root/World").get_viewport_rect().size.y

    var scale = viewportWidth / $Background.texture.get_size().y

    $Background.set_position(Vector2(viewportWidth/2, viewportHeight/2))
    $Background.set_scale(Vector2(scale, scale))

    print("[MainMenu] Viewport size: ", viewportWidth, "/", viewportHeight)

Did you understand what can be wrong?


Now the problem can be understand better.

There is a margin on left size that put all to right, but the controls still centralized.

See here:

enter image description here

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