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To clarify I'm making a simple platform fighter (think Smash Bros) and I want to have the character walk and run using the same keys. I decided on making them run if the key is pressed quickly and walk if it's pressed slowly (the keys I'm using are A and D for left and right respectively). And thus we come back to the title question.

BTW I'm super new to this engine/ GDScript so I'd appreciate as much detail as you care to give. Thank you in advance.

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I don't think it's possible for a computer to know how fast you hit the button.

Indeed, all common keyboards out there have digital input, which means each key has an "all or nothing" strength. This is in contrast to gamepads or the elusive analog keyboards.

So like Krippi said. Just use something like double tap or even a shift button combined with walking to either run or walk.

Had a feeling this was the case, thanks for clarifying. I intend to have gamepad support as well so I just went with having a sprint key for keyboard.

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I think you can't press a button quickly and slowly. But you can ask whether a button holds for 1 second and then let the player run instead of walk.

Or you do it with D = walk and double D = run. So a double click.

Do you mean this?

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If I went for something like this I would just have a run button to be held in conjunction as I don't like double tapping, thanks anyway.

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