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I have a project in early states, not that much content on my level. Suddenly the editor becomes very laggy when the 2d view is selected. This is somehow caused by this certain scene, since if I don't open the scene, the editor runs smoothly. After the lag starts, even newly created scenes "inherit" the lag in 2d view.

If I switch to script view, the lag also disappears instantly.

Is this a known issue? Could this be file corruption or a random bug?

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Which platform and renderer are you on? Do you have the project somewhere so that someone else can test it?
Does it also happen in Godot 3.2?

I'm on mac/os 10.15.2. I'm sorry but I don't know what you mean by "renderer"? The project is not online, and I have not tried Godot 3.2.

For now I worked around this by creating a new identical scene which replaced my previous one, and everything's smooth again. I quess the file got corrupted. I'll add more info here if this happens again.

By "renderer", they mean whether you're using GLES3 (high-end renderer) or GLES2 (low-end renderer). You can view this information in the top-right corner of the editor.

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