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I'm running Godot v3.1.2.stable.mono.official on Windows 8. I've installed the "3.1.2.stable.mono" export templates, as well as the "3.1.2.stable" templates from a file I retrieved from https://downloads.tuxfamily.org/godotengine/3.1.2/. (https://imgur.com/nWUNLxZ) and installed the basic 'Dodge the creeps' template project. However, I'm still unable to export it -- every single export type lists "Export templates for this platform are missing". (https://imgur.com/Px9bs1I)

Are there additional steps required for Godot to recognize the export templates? Is there a different export template archive other than the one I downloaded? Is 'dodge the creeps' unexportable for some sort of strange reason, or is exporting projects unsupported on Windows? Are the "3.1.2.stable.mono" templates invalid? I'm at a loss since I feel like I'm exporting a sample project with some stock templates, which feels like the simplest possible scenario. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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This is because Mono projects can't be exported to HTML5 in Godot 3.1. Try selecting a preset for Windows, Linux or macOS, and the option to export should become available.

In Godot 3.2, support for exporting Mono projects to Android and HTML5 was added. There are known issues with the Mono HTML5 export though.

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Thank you -- The Windows export works, I'll try exporting to HTML5 once I upgrade to Godot 3.2. I appreciate your thoughtful response.

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