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Is it possible to write an in-game scripting language to support commands sent from a script to a godot game?

What is the best approach to do this, if it has been done in godot?
Is it the same way you implement any interpreter? Does it need c/c++ library and then loaded somehow to godot?

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You can create your own scripting language for your game. But there may not be a "best" approach to this. Though you need to know the extent of the language. How will it be used? How complex should it be? What sort of flow or syntax will it use? As far as how to implement it, you can use GDscript. But it, again, depends on the purpose of the script. If you think speed will be an issue, go with C/C++.

See also this Stack Exchange answer to a similar question.

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I stumbled across your question while researching a good solution for this myself. After building something like that I thought I come back and share my solution. I posted a short video about my progress on Reddit and explained my approach. If your are still on the hunt on how to approach this you can take a look

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