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When i click button EXPORT PROJECT(for android) i have error

Could not find template APK to export...

I download file with templates,but how to resolve problem,where i should put Templates APK please help

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You can both download and install the Android export templates from within Godot, so you don't really need to know where to install them.

  • Project | Export | Add | Android
  • Click the "Manage Export Templates" link at the bottom of the Export dialog
  • Click "Download" to download the templates
  • When the download finishes, click "Install from File" to install the downloaded package.

If you already have the package downloaded, you can just install it via that last step.

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I understand that,but i dont have option for download manage export templates,i dont have errors before click on export project,i have error after click ,error is like that:(Could not find template APK to export)
Idk what to do ?

Does it look like this?

enter image description here

I've highlighted the controls I mentioned in the above steps...

No,i dont have these errors

I instal my game,but when i try to play application exits immediately

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