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I'm making a game where the camera needs a sprite to follow it on the x axis, so that it always shows on screen. I have a KinematicBody2D for the player, and a Camera2D node as a child of the player, the main problem is that I can't make the sprite follow the smoothing of the camera. I tried a lot of things already, including making the camera a scene, making the sprite it's own scene, adding scripts to both the camera and the sprite, but nothing seems to work. I'm relatively new to godot so I don't get a lot of how these nodes, scenes and other things work, so I'd like a bit of help.

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Add a CanvasLayer-node as a child of your Camera2D and make the Sprite a child of this CanvasLayer-node, then set the position-property of the Sprite as you'd like.

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There's no need to make the camera or sprite an instanced scene. If both the Sprite and Camera2D are children of the KinematicBody2D, use moveandslide to move the KinematicBody2D node. The smoothing in the Camera2D node will interpolate in global space.

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