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I might be stupid, but I can't find a possibility to get back to theme edit mode (the one where you can see the preview of the theme) once I added a Button Class and Edit its Texture Region. Everytime I try to edit the saved theme I'm right in TextureRegion Edit View. Pressing the arrow left buttons
in the inspector closes the theme edit completely.

I'd like to add a few other classes for my theme, but can't because I can't find a way to enter theme edit view.

Does someone have a hint what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

asked Feb 26 in Engine by grettyr (28 points)

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You don't mention which version of Godot you're using, but assuming 3.2: Select the Control-node your theme is attached to, then search in the inspector for its theme-property and click inside the dropdown area. The preview-window should open.

answered Feb 26 by njamster (9,950 points)
selected Feb 27 by grettyr

I had to click twice that brought up the Theme View. Thank you very much!

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