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Hi forum!

I'm a person who prefers to do everything through programming. The reason I got interested in Godot is that it seemed like it provided a lot of behind the scenes stuff (physics etc, like any game engine) but additionally allows one to do everything through programming (whilst providing a GUI for non-programmer users).

As I'm going through the Learning material however, I'm beginning to doubt whether or not it is possible to indeed "do everything" only through programming through e.g. GDscript (and then see the results through the GUI). Hence, I would like to ask the question to be sure:

Is it possible to design everything ONLY through programming in Godot, and then simply evaluate the results through the GUI? I'm fine with using the GUI software as a text editor, and a way to visualize and run the results (as an Interactive Development Environment (IDE)), but that's about it.

If one needs to use the GUI for something else, such as inheritance, or whatever it may be, then it would be great if that something could be specified as well (if it can shortly be summarized). I'm for example finding it strange that one has to specify inheritance of the programming files themselves through the GUI, and that makes me suspicious of being able to create proper modules and packages through GDscript.

Any response will be appreciated. Thanks =)

asked Feb 24 in Engine by toblin (85 points)

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First of all, Godot is a game engine. You can also use Godot for developing (multi-platform) apps. Naturally, you're also free to use and/or adapt to any other purpose you have in mind but that might not be what the developer community is focusing on.

Godot can generate apps that require no GUI.
Currently there's a "Server" template available for linux only for that purpose.

Why Server? Because this module is mostly used for multi-player gameservers running on headless webservers. This way, you can use the multi-player classes in godot as well as common code/resources with the game-client projects.

answered Feb 24 by wombatstampede (3,153 points)
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