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func _ready():
    state_machine = $Node2D/AnimationTree.get("parameters/playback")
    emit_signal("player_stats_changed", self)
    if facing == true:
        $RayCast2D.cast_to = -150
        $RayCast2D.cast_to = 150

Please help! Why do i get this error? What does it mean?

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1 Answer

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The cast_to property takes a Vector2 object. You're trying to assign an int to it. So maybe the value should be Vector2(0, -150) or Vector2(0, 150)?

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Thanks! But for some reason the raycast won't turn around?

If you need to turn it around, have you tried the rotation() function? E.g. $Raycast2D.rotation(theta), where theta is the desired amount of rotation in radians.

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