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Hello experts!

Trying to create an effect of falling confetti using particles2d. The confetti particles should be different colours and shapes which swirl and rotate as they drift downwards.

Is this possible? The settings for the particle2d node are not very intuitive and I cannot find a way to mix shapes and colours.

Any help appreciated. Thank you.


asked Feb 15 in Engine by JonnyTech (17 points)

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I think you should be able to accomplish both goals (multiple shapes and multiple colors). I don't have a specific example, but here's a few related threads that should help:



answered Feb 15 by jgodfrey (6,524 points)

Also, keep in mind that you can always group a number of Particles2D nodes together, each with unique settings, to get the effect you want.

Thanks @jgodfrey, I had already seen those and other similar threads but could not create the desired effect. The particles always seem to end up like rain because they fall like drops rather than bits of paper. Would it be possible for anyone to post an example scene? I keep reading and testing but am certainly missing some key steps somewhere.

Still not an answer, but maybe another piece to the puzzle...


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