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WHen I export game, it doesn't run on other PCs, saying:

Can't load dependency: C:/Users/yiffstorage/Documents/Dark Field/materials/map/env/metal.png

It works on my PC when exported, because path in dependency file is MY PC, not their.

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I don't know what genius silently pressed down vote, this isn't reddit. Anyways, all paths in my code are started with res://, there's nothing in my code that may trigger it, there's no code at all for metal.png or anything. After exporting exe for windows 10, it doesn't work on other PCs because it says errors like these saying about not being able to do something because it can't find it at that path, which is obvious because that path doesn't even exist on other PCs.
I opened issue, but moderator closet it saynig it's not an issue and I have to ask here.

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If the path is pointing towards a resource inside your project directory, make sure you use a resource path (as described here) starting with "res://". If not, use the user path (as described here).

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