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Hi. I am new to Godot and trying to make the engine being able to detect collsion between circle and my polygon2D. I have this code which randomly draws a 2d circle using draw_arc function:

#Todo: How to attach collision shape to a draw primitive

extends Node2D

# Called when the node enters the scene tree for the first time.
func _ready():

func _draw():
    var smaller: int = -1
    if get_viewport().size.x <= get_viewport().size.y:
        smaller = get_viewport().size.x
        smaller = get_viewport().size.y
    var radius = randi() % (smaller / 2)
    var x = randi() % ((get_viewport().size.x as int)-radius)
    var y = randi() % ((get_viewport().size.y as int)-radius)
    var shape = CircleShape2D.new()
    shape.radius = radius
    var coll_shape = CollisionShape2D.new()
    draw_arc(Vector2(x,y), radius, 0, 360, 1000, Color(1.0,0,0,1.0), 1)

I have created the shape and associated it with a collision shape 2d. But how do I add it to the circle drawn in the last line? The draw_arc function does not return any object or body to attach to it.

The above script is for my root node (Node2D).

Any Help is highly appreciated. Thanks.

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I assume you're trying to determine what circle a triggered CollisonShape is associated with?

I think you'll have to "connect" them in your own data structure. For example, you could create a dictionary that associates each CollisionShape2D object with some data about the associated circle (center point, radius, ...).

Then, when a specific CollisionShape is triggered, you could find the associated circle in your dictionary.

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Hi. I see.

I thought there were a Godot way of doing it. You suggestion should definitely work.

BTW: I posted a similar post and thought i missed to confirm the posting so I wrote this thread. Please disregard the other threa: https://godotengine.org/qa/61429/how-to-attach-a-collisionshape-to-a-draw-primitive.

I do not know how to remove a thread. Apologise for any inconvieniences.

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