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I have some ideas for tools that I'd like to make for Godot that would make developing my game and others' games much easier.

I can see them being useful for not just my game but many others and they would be editor features baked directly into whatever you're doing.

I like the tooling API quite a lot and working in GDS feels great, but I was wondering if I should just make them as addons or start trying to contribute to Godot source?

asked Feb 13 in Engine by Sethington (23 points)

Post on Reddit. The devs frenquent the sub so it's easier to get your answer there.

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so, from things like assembly to C#, from coding to RPG/Game Makers, how much effort you want to put into "coding" a game is up to you. If you want to make your own game, you can, or share parts to make it easier on those that don't code as well.

Give as much energy as you want. you do you :)

answered Feb 14 by Kalmier (35 points)
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