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I am working on a project, and afeter some houers of coding I decided to cleen un a bit my code, and I saw an error in the debug window. The game runs fine even if this appears but I would like to know how to solve it or at least what it is.
Thank you!

The error:

E 0:00:00.882   _create_instance: Condition "r_error.error != Variant::CallError::CALL_OK"         is true. Returned: __null
  <C++ Source>  modules/gdscript/gdscript.cpp:127 @ _create_instance()
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It's just a small error in your code, but the error won't cause the game to crash. That kind of thing often happens when we code. Just check your code again. Since I don't know your code, I don't know what exactly is wrong.
An example error here: disconnect() a signal that's already disconnected. In that situation, Godot will tell you the error, but it will ignore it in game, because it's already disconnected, and here when debug, we need to add an if statement is_connected() before disconnect the signal.

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