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So I'm creating a simple 2D breakout game and I have instanced the bricks in code. I created somewhat of a grid of bricks but the problem is that when the ball hits any one of the bricks then all the bricks are gone/deleted.

func spawn_bricks(row,column):
var pos_x = 64
var pos_y = 0
for i in range(row):
    pos_y += 32
    pos_x = 64
    for j in range(column):
        brick = BRICK_SCENE.instance()
        brick.position = Vector2(pos_x, pos_y)
        pos_x += 64

#Rigidbody2D Ball uses signal body_entered and deletes brick  
func _on_Ball_body_entered(body):
    if body.is_in_group("Bricks"):

The bricks are ordered in rows and columns so 'spawn_bricks(3,5)' would spawn 3 rows of 5 bricks. Is there any way where if the ball collided with one brick then that brick is deleted and not the whole grid.

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Your code is deleting the brick manager, not the bricks. Try changing the code to

func _on_Ball_body_entered(body):
    if body.is_in_group("Bricks"):

You need to get the individual brick to run the free code.

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