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I used the demo, 'Dynamic Character Controlled 2D Platformer' as a base for my platformer.
The enemy there uses some Raycast 2D algorythm to detect where it's walking.
I need the enemy FLYING, not on the ground.
How can I adjust the 'Enemy' scene to make it fly above the platform\ground, not sticking to it?

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Are you referring to this demo? Because there is no demo called "Dynamic Character Controlled 2D Platformer"... If so, add the following lines to the enemy script:

if $DetectFloorLeft.is_colliding() or $DetectFloorRight.is_colliding():
    linear_velocity.y = 0

before the line containing the call to move_and_slide. This will disable gravity when one of the two downward pointing rays collides with the ground.

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