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Got tiles with diferents descriptions and events, and i want them to display it when enterin them, in continual, scrolling logs.

Got also an onready var to get the RichText Label node, but what would be the syntax for that please?

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Do you have a visual example of what you are looking for?

It's ok, gettin the text node when comin on my tiles. There's no scrollin, just texts replacin texts, but that's ok. Thxs!

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Try something like this

$TextLabelNameExample.text = "RANDOM EXAMPLE TEXT!!!!"
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Thxs, that works. But the texts starts on top, and so it doesn't scroll actually. You'd know a way to make it start at the botom of the richtextlabel, so that you could have an effective scrollin?

The text will start scrolling, when it's long enough so it doesn't fit into the textfield any more.

Instead of using "=" in your script as suggested by Merlin1846, try "+=" to add text to the existing text.

Ok, thxs managed it.

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